In order to fulfill our mandate and vision in 2018, we need to raise 44.5% of our annual budget or $190,850.00 to cover our operational costs so that we can continue to provide affordable quality professional mental,physical,and spiritual health services. We expect the cost of fundraising to be $25,000.00

Throughout the year we solicit support from local churches, businesses, and individuals.

Also, Crossroads hosts a “Attitude of Gratitude” Fundraising Dinner (October/November) and a “Reaching Beyond Your Limit” Spring Fundraising Event (May).  The funds we raise from both these events allow us to provide subsidized professional mental health & physical health services to those who have insufficient financial resources to cover the cost of help. Clients are not turned away if they cannot manage the fees, rather they are invited to apply for a subsidy to decrease the fees to a manageable amount.

However, your financial help is welcome year round. You can donate at our office or through CanadaHelps at