How Can I Help out?

There are countless ways to volunteer with Crossroads Healing Centre. You can help out with events, office maintenance, administrative tasks, facilitate educational porgrams and so much more. To find out how you can make a difference please contact our Executive Director at 403-327-7080 OR




Assist the Executive Director in the planning, coordination, and implementation of all fundraising activities in support of the programs, projects, and activities of Crossroads Healing Centre


  • Develop, Implement, monitor, and evaluate the fundraising strategy
  • Identify and maintain lists of existing and potential sponsors and funders
  • Assume the lead for signature fundraising events
  • Manage interactions with sponsors/funders: obtaining funds or in-kind services, thanking sponsors/funders in writing and acknowledging sponsors/funders

Team Composition:

  • Executive Director will assume position of Chair.
  • One Board of Directors member (if available)
  • Volunteers from the community


Guided by the Executive Director the Fundraising Team will contribute expertise, human resource capacity, and regional perspectives to the development and successful operations of the Crossroads Healing Centre fundraising program.  In general, this will involve:

  • Assisting in the development of the long-term strategic fundraising plan
  • Actively assist the Executive Director in fulfilling fundraising objectives and tasks identified in the three year business plan.
  • Contributing to an annual program evaluation to confirm that objectives are being met and are achieving the desired results
  • Providing advice and assistance to the Executive Director with respect to corporate sponsorships and private source fundraising activities
  • Assisting in the development and production of certain marketing and promotional materials related to Crossroads fundraising initiatives.
  • Develop, implement, and assess fundraising events.


The Fundraising Team will meet monthly. Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the Chair as need is required.

Reporting Relationship:

The  Fundraising Team Chair will make regular reports to the Crossroads Healing Centre Board of Directors

One of the best ways to give back to our community is to create an event that raises funds and awareness of Crossroads Healing Centre. If you have a great idea about a fundraiser or marketing and promotion strategy and want to talk to us, we’re all ears! Please give our Executive Director at 403-327-7080 or We’d be delighted to chat about your idea and see how we can fuel your passion to make a difference.

Fundraising Campaigns

There are many different ways to donate. Often when we think of donating we automatically assume it refers to monetary gifts. Though receiving financial gifts is significant to the continuance of the services we provide, we also accept material gifts such as new or slightly used office supplies and furniture, computer equip, audio-visual equipment, etc. If you have something you wish donate give our Executive Director a call at 403-327-7080 or email

Financial Donations