Who Are We?

 Crossroads Healing Centre is a not-for-profit organization located in Lethbridge, AB. We are committed to providing a high caliber of professional counselling and health services to all who come to our agency regardless of religious, ethnic, social or economic status. Our aim is to address the total person – psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual and to accept people where they are at and help them develop their full potential. Though our orientation is Christian we endeavour to meet people where they are at in their quest to reach their full potential


“Restore spirituality as the core element of mental, emotional, and physical health within our vocation.”


“Balance emotional, physical, and spiritual health through a process of reconciliation, restoration and relevancy; ultimately to restore dignity and purpose to life.”


a) To provide compassionate, non-judgmental and non-intrusive professional health services (ie counselling, massage therapy, physiotherapy etc) that integrates a holistic approach to the  therapeutic process.

b) To make professional health services available to all who need it, taking into consideration a client’s financial situation, and not refusing help to those who are unable to pay.

c) To provide education and preventative training in the areas of physiological, psychological, emotional, spiritual and relational well-being.

d) To work cooperatively with other community resource agencies and professionals in a team approach in order to give each person access to the best professional health services available.


Faith: Crossroads is unapologetically Christ centred. Crossroads is a faith ministry, recognizing our dependence on a generous God for provision and direction. Our faith is an important part of Crossroads’ success, as it provides us with the strength, grace, and confidence to serve those who are hurting and in need, no matter what their background, in a way that is respectful of their beliefs

Teamwork: Our Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers

  1. work collaboratively towards a common goal,
  2. operate with a high degree of transparency,
  3. recognize our interdependence and demonstrate respect for one another in our respective roles,
  4. demonstrate a personal commitment to one another and the overall performance of the agency,
  5. and strive to remain open to changing needs of the agency and its clients and fully embrace the responsibility for self-examination, discovery, and revision; thus ensuring services remain timely and relevant.

Stewardship: Our success rests in our commitment as a Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers to ensure the resources with which we are entrusted on behalf of our stakeholders are used wisely and lead to markable change in the lives of our clients.

Professionalism & Personal Excellence: By rigorously examining the need for and relevancy of the services we provide; and by clearly understanding the results of our agency’s actions and their corresponding consequences to all of our stakeholders; we are able to pro-actively adjust our programs and delivery both personally and agency wide if and when required. Moreover, thyis prompts us to ensure our staff training and development is relevant and current within all of the needs and the corresponding services.

Acceptance: All person who receive services from Crossroads can expect to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of gender, age, race, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, religion and non-religion.

Integrity: Crossroads strives to be accountable and transparent to all whom we serve and to do so with integrity. Moreover, we strive to earn the same trust and commitment from our affiliates and our clients to the betterment of all.

Community Partnerships: Some needs require specialized care other than what we provide. We are committed to building a spirit of collaboration and reciprocity with churches, community groups, and other agencies to facilitate timely and effective referrals, ensuring that our respective clients receive the best care possible.

Fun: Our work is paradoxical. We intentionally strive to celebrate the accomplishments of our staff and our clients and fully recognize a need to maintain a healthy sense of balance in our work and in our personal lives.